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Mission’s Trip

GT Church will be taking a mission’s trip to Brussels Belgium to work on a new building at the Continental Theological Seminary. The Assemblies of God Missions Department is building a new Pentecostal Leadership Center (PLC) at the Continental Theological Seminary in Brussels Belgium. Societal brokenness and human suffering have overtaken Europe. Continental Theological Seminary must expand to equip the next generation of Spirit-empowered church leaders and move the Pentecostal mission forward in the face of secular philosophies. Over the past ten years, eight theological institutions have closed across Europe. The new Pentecostal Leadership Center (PLC) will provide additional housing and community space for the growing student population. Student life will be at the center of attention for the new PLC. This two-story 38,000 square foot building will include female student dorms and married student dorms. Additionally, it will house the new kitchen, cafeteria, and student community spaces. CTS is about one thing, equipping Pentecostal leaders for ministry service. The new PLC will provide a community space for the international student body to connect and build relationships that will carry them through their life in ministry. The new dormitory space is crucial to ensure no student is turned away but has access to safe and affordable housing on campus.



Jul 10 - 19 2024


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