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God Help Us To Reach Out

We live in a sea of people who do not yet know Christ. There are enough people in our community to fill up every church fifty times. This is one reason that I find transfer church growth so distasteful. It is critical that we are more interested in reaching the lost than growing our church. I am not sure how interested God is in growing our church; but He has proven how He feels about reaching the lost. He proved His heart at Calvary. It is a matter of priorities. Let’s face it, if we reach the lost we will not be able to stop our church from growing. If on the other hand we strive just to grow our church we may find ourselves wandering lost in the forest of other peoples’ methodologies and miss altogether God’s plan for reaching the lost in our own culture and more specifically in our own community. When I speak of community I am not just speaking of people who live near our church. In today’s society, community has more to do with culture and less to do with geographic proximity. I believe God wants to reach the lost in our community more than we do. If this is true then it stands to reason that He has a plan to reach them. This is why we developed Connecting Points in our church. I believe that the principles of Connecting Points will lead you to that specific plan. Every believer is a minister of God. As we embrace this powerful truth, we can expect our Wonderful Lord to direct our path. We can reach our sphere of influence. God help us to Reach Out!