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GT Youth

Jonathan Helms

Pastor Jon

Hey, I’m Pastor Jon and it is my joy to be the youth pastor at GT Church. My wife, Karina, and I have the privilege of investing in the lives of young people every week. We meet on Sunday nights at 5pm and our services give teens an opportunity to learn about and worship the Lord, Jesus Christ. We believe that only when these teens learn to find their true identity in Christ will they discover their true potential and all that God has in store for them.
Youth group is also a great place for young people to meet other teens who love the Lord. Being part of a community gives teens the chance to grow and to grow together. It isn’t good for people to be alone and we do best when a part of a group. The biblical term is being part of the “body” and young people benefit from being a part of something bigger than their selves. 
There are a lot of challenges facing young people today including anxiety, depression, and loneliness. This is not God’s plan for our lives and His Word shows us how to live lives of purpose, passion, love, and joy. The world does not have answers or solutions for the challenges youth go through every day but God does. At GT Youth, we teach teens the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and his name is Jesus. We follow him together and he is always with us, even through life’s toughest challenges. 
If you want your teen to be a part of something bigger, so do we. They will find a welcome home, and their place in the body, at GT Youth.