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It’s all about “LOVE”

The nature of our Lord’s leadership can be summed up in one word. That word is “Love”. We see this in Mark 12:30-31. In response to the scribe’s question of priority, Jesus places the emphasis on love. He also prioritizes our application of love in the order He presents the commandment.
“Love” God with all your heart
“Love” God with all your soul
“Love” God with all your mind
“Love” God with all your strength
“Love” your neighbor
“Love” yourself
The repetition of the word “Love” shows the importance while the progression of the application shows the priority: God first…others second…me last.
Love as a leadership style is supported by Bruce Winston in his book (Be a Leader for God’s Sake) who declares that “Leadership is first of all love”. It is further supported by John Hoyle in his book (Leadership and the Force of Love) who goes as far as to assert: “If you can’t love, you can’t lead.” Jesus used many leadership styles during His earthly ministry; however, in identifying one that can qualify as the “Nature” of our Lord’s leadership, it would have to be love. Love embodies the very essence of God’s plan and purpose. This is personified through Christ as He imparted this into His followers.