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Jesus: The Compassionate Leader

I love the characterization of our Lord as a compassionate leader. Second to “love” the word “compassion” may be the clearest description of the nature of Christ as a leader. What is a compassionate leader? I read an article by Christine Zust where she attempted to define a compassionate leader as someone who: 1) Communicates openly, 2) Is flexible, 3) Isn’t afraid to show emotion, and 4) Leads by example. I would like to add one more characteristic. A compassionate leader is one who is driven to action. It is possible to be concerned and do nothing. This happens all the time. We are moved by the hungry children we see on television or by the needs we see in our own neighborhood but…what do we do about it. It is possible to be concerned and do nothing but real compassion demands action. Jesus was “moved with compassion toward them” when He saw the multitude in Matt. 14 and He “healed their sick”. In Luke 19 Jesus shows His compassion by weeping over Jerusalem and it was this compassion that compelled Him to the cross. Jesus wasn’t just concerned, He had compassion and that compassion demanded action. Jesus was, indeed, a compassionate leader.


The Compassionate Leader by Christine W. Zust: