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Which one is the most important?

When I began to consider the difference between exegesis and exposition I asked my self: “Which one is the most important?” Both of these are components of the over arching discipline of hermeneutics. Hermeneutics by definition is the “science of biblical interpretation”. (Henry A. Virker. 1981. Hermeneutics. Baker Books. Grand Rapids, MI ) It is considered a science because it has rules and these rules can be classified into an orderly system. This “system” can be defined by observing the difference between these two components. Exegesis is the process of interpretation designed to find the original meaning of the verse whereas exposition address the application of the passage to modern times. The first asks: “What was the message heard by the original recipiet?” and the other asks: What is the relevence of the passage to us today?”. Can you see the system? First there is the premise which is interpretation. (Hermeneutics). Then comes the foundation which is true meaning. (Exegesis). Lastly we have the value which is application. (Exposition) First I grow (Exegesis) so that I can make others grow (Exposition). Exegesis deepens my resevior so that others can drink from the fresh waters of application. Which is the most important? They both are!